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Enter a memory capsule that brings you from 2020 to 2022.

Our Inspiration

Embracing Art with Colors: A Pandemic Story brings together the journeys of youths in an attempt to capture the historic COVID-19 pandemic through youths’ perspectives. Through a series of unique works co-created with children from underprivileged backgrounds, we aim to educate in the most engaging manner and empower all through showcasing narratives of resilience amidst the pandemic. 

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The beginning

The exhibition began as a platform to educate the public on topics related to infectious diseases, and as a means through which children can share their narratives and learnings with the public. This stemmed from a series of COVID-19 workshops conducted in December by Deko, using COVID-19 as a case study to teach children from underprivileged backgrounds fundamental scientific concepts behind public health policies. 


As we worked translating the artworks into paintings and installations, it dawned upon us the universality of our experiences - regardless of where we were in the world, we all experienced social distancing, went through the struggles with online learning, not seeing friends, and more. Despite all these struggles, we were heartened to also observe the resilience amongst all our artists and children. Hence the exhibition is not just a memory of difficulties and struggles - it is also a script of hope amidst the chaos, finding light in difficult times, and imagining a better future. 

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Why use art to educate, and isn’t COVID-19 old news? When COVID-19 first appeared, many theories about the virus, how we can combat the virus, and more had spread at a highly rapid rate. Even after the dust had settled, we noticed that many were just following rules for the sake of doing so - primarily because the effort is required to understand scientific literature in-depth. Prior experience shows us that art is the most effective means of engaging with the audience, and provides us with the opportunity to break down otherwise-complex scientific information. 

Look forward to...

Featuring more than 10 artworks of diverse mediums such as installations, paintings, digital drawings, and projections, join us on an immersive journey through this pandemic. Engage with the interactive installations where you can create art using your own voice, or add to a mask wall mural while reflecting upon the best parts of your past two years. Then bring away your own personalized hand sanitizers, all the while contributing to a good cause: fundraising for Children’s Wishing Well and Brain Tumor Society Singapore.

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