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Our Story

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It all starts with a boy who absolutely

adores pink axolotls...

...And a girl who is obsessed with the color blue and fluffy cats

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They also love science and became


... But they realised studying is

just. so. boring...





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Art was WAY more fun,

so why not...

Merge them and share it with the world?

Our Team

Richard Shim Jo

aka "Dumble" the Axolotl

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Richard Shim Jo was a student researcher in Duke-NUS Emerging Infectious Diseases Department, with extensive experience conducting research in various fields such as Behavioural Ecology, Sleep Medicine, and of course, Molecular Biology fly research. He was the president of the Yale-NUS iLab, an organization that aims to spread the spirit of innovation to students. 


In his free time, Richard loves to ... sleep!

Huang Huanyan

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Huang Huanyan was a student researcher at Duke-NUS Laboratory for Translational and Molecular Imaging (LTMI), with extensive experience in areas such as Psychology and Molecular Biology. She is the author of two illustrated non-fiction illustrated books on mental illnesses and co-developed resilience and leadership curriculum materials for Raffles Institution and Yale-NUS College. 


In her free time, Huanyan loves exploring various art forms!

aka "Neko" the Cat

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